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'Employability Partners' is the place to hear about exciting work and success stories from organisations in the sector and to learn new ideas and innovations you can apply in your own workplace.


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AELP and IEP Workshop

Posted By Heather Ette, 19 April 2018

Work Placements that Succeed: 

Developing Learners Beyond the Curriculum


In this day-long workshop, delegates will learn about the ‘active ingredients’ in work placements: what enhances learning, develops learners’ skills, and engages employers. We will learn about how to develop and support placements and manage the risks. We will work on the whole process from approaching employers to post-placement review. Delegates will receive a Quality Assurance Framework to use, a list of resources for follow-up and will complete their own action sheets. It will be a very active day, with lots of discussion and shared exercises.

Course goals

  • explore evidence for work experience
  • think about the types of work experience
  • practise aligning work experience with learning goals
  • plan the processes for managing work experience
  • identify the quality factors and their implementation
  • discuss how to engage employers
  • identify important resources


Delegates will be able to:
  • identify the benefits and risks of work placements
  • make contact and develop working relationships with local employers
  • analyse the links between activity on placements and the vocational curriculum / employment goals
  • understand and apply quality measures that distinguish effective from ineffective placements
  • understand the importance and the role played by safety and safeguarding
  • act as work placement mentors / managers
  • ensure quality throughout the placement process
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of placements

AELP and IEP Member rate: 
£169.00 + VAT  | Non-Member rate: £269.00 + VAT


BOOK HERE              MORE INFO





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New Research from YE:UK

Posted By Heather Ette, 09 April 2018

Family Matters

Youth Employment UK have launched important research into the role of the family in social mobility and how family resources impact young people's progression.

The research confirms some of what YE UK assumed to be true; young people whose parents have networks tend to get better jobs. In addition, it shows that where parents provide too much support young people can become less independent and less ambitious.

As young people face the prospect of downward social mobility for the first time YE UK look at how the family and the resources available to them help and hinder young people's progression. This research brings a new depth to understanding just how the family matters, the risks involved with the situation staying the same and YE UK's recommendations for overcoming the issues.

The Role of the Family in Social Mobility: Impact of Family Resources on Young People's Progression identifies:

  • Young people whose families had economic and cultural capital were more likely to be dependant and less ambitious, whilst young people who received less family support were more independent.
  • That the current generation of young people is more likely to rely on parents for financial support than the parental generation.
  • That parental attitudes towards the value of work affects young people's ambitions. Young people whose parents showed them that work and money are connected had a clearer and more concrete ambition to become economically independent of their parents compared with those whose parents did not make this direct link.
  • Exactly how parental capital is transferred and transformed to young people. Parental economic capital is transformed into young people's cultural capital by the parents paying for education. Where parents have social capital (trust and good quality networks), this is transformed to economic capital among their children who have more money available than those whose parents do not have social capital.

What next?

This report fully explores the risks involved with the situation staying the same and the important recommendations that we as a community need to take on board.

YE UK will be supporting and encouraging their members to take on board the recommendations. If you want to find out how membership might benefit you get in touch.

Laura-Jane Rawlings - Founder & CEO of Youth Employment UK said "If we really want Britain and its young people to achieve their potential we must, as a community, step up.

We have always known that the role of the family really matters in a young person's ability to fulfil their potential. For two decades we have discussed social mobility and tried to reduce the inequalities experienced by young people. We know that the policy reforms are not working and this report and recommendations call on the need for the communities around our young people to take bolder and braver action if we are ever to see real change."

Download the report here 

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Employability Partners

Posted By Heather Ette, 04 April 2018

Pluss Nominated for Herald Business Award 2018

Plymouth-based Social Enterprise Pluss have been nominated for the Manufacturer of the Year Award (sponsored by BD diagnostics) at the Herald Business Awards 2018 in recognition of their work, manufacturing high quality timber-based products.

As a Social Enterprise, Pluss’ mission is to ensure that half of their 50 employees (both managers and staff) have a disability. Pluss have been operating for over 40 years, and in the past two years have invested over £250K in new machinery and rationalised operations.

Steve Hawkins FIEP, CEO of Pluss said “We are determined to demonstrate that employing a large number of disabled people can help a company to grow, to operate at the cutting edge of manufacturing innovation, and to succeed in delivering outstanding results. Our most valued customer is ViSpring who manufacture luxury beds which are distributed worldwide. Every Vispring bed is made individually to order and entirely by hand.”

Pluss is an integral part of Vispring operations and in 2017 manufactured over 23,000 bed frames. They provide a ‘Just In Time’ service for manufacture of all their bed-frames and textiles (mattress covers and protectors). They manufacture to a maximum three-day workplan and deliver to them five times a day. They have an excellent relationship with their management team and are exploring additional product lines. They also value the social impact Pluss brings to their business through employment of local people with disabilities; getting people off benefits, improving the economy and changing lives.

Pluss employee David, 59, said “I’ve worked for Pluss for four and a half years. I work on bed assembly and textiles. Thirty-eight years ago, I was serving as a sub-mariner and had a serious motorbike accident. I was 21 at the time. I broke everything, I was bedbound for a year, lost my memory and I didn’t think I would live to see 30. I didn’t think I would ever get back into work – nor did anyone else. This is my first job since the accident. It’s brilliant. Now I’ve got something to get up for in the mornings. Just doing this job is great for me. I have skills, it’s improved my health and I am much stronger than I used to be. There is no way I could have got a job without Pluss. I’m off benefits and life is very different for me now.”

Scott, 19, Pluss employee said “I have worked for Pluss since February 2017. I have got autism. I went to college but didn’t get very good grades. I did marine engineering but no one wanted to take me on. I had experience but not the grades. Sometimes it felt like you are being pushed away. Then I came here and it gave me a chance to show who I am and what I can do. It feels amazing to be independent, get skills and earn my own money. I don’t have to rely on my parents and it’s my stepping stone to life. Working for Pluss is amazing. They believe in people who think they can’t work.”

Pluss are also working with Vispring and Plymouth Art College to develop a new Sewing Academy in Plymouth. The new initiative will inspire unemployed local people to gain vocational skills and employment, whilst addressing the shortage of experienced seamsters in Plymouth. The nearest similar facility is in Bridgwater in Somerset, so the new academy should help to boost Plymouth’s employment credentials.

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ERSA News Alert

Posted By Heather Ette, 04 April 2018

Post Brexit failure to replace European Social Fund would be "disastrous", says MPs

The future of the European Social Fund (ESF) is a critical issue, which is why ERSA has been leading the charge on replacing ESF after Brexit.  

 Having convened the cross sector working group jointly with the NCVO last year, ERSA recently requested an inquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee and gave evidence to MPs with frontline providers. The Committee has published their report today, urging the Government to "act quickly so that those excellent existing suppliers are not bankrupted." The report has received over 150 pieces of coverage, including the IndependentFEWeek and the Yorkshire Post

 The Committee calls on Government to:

  • Ensure funds are available so there is no gap between existing and new provision
  • Establish a new arm's length body, to dovetail grants to existing funding streams so programmes can meet effectively all of their participants' needs
  • Retain a separate fund within the UKSPF for employment support for disadvantaged groups and communities
  • Ensure flexibility of local funding mechanisms for both longer-term and short-term programmes; and
  • Cut bureaucracy for providers, in getting money to projects that work or to new projects that show entrepreneurial skills
  • You can read the full report here. The news release is available here, which you can send to local press with your own statement on the importance of ESF provision in the local area.

ERSA will be preparing for the government's consultation on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund later this year. If you deliver ESF programmes, you can highlight their importance at this year's Employability Day on 29th June. Please fill out this form to let ERSA know what you're planning and email with any questions. 

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Employability Partners

Posted By Heather Ette, 28 March 2018

Council for Work and Health present on the issues around the 'Gig' economy, Organisational justice and Social Justice

At the recent Health and Wellbeing at Work 2018 conference Dr Joanna Wilde C. Psychol., C.Sci., Consultant Organisational Psychologist and Director, Council for Work and Health delivered two important presentations of interest.

1. Psychological health in the 'GIG' economy

What precarious work is and how it causes harm; the prevalence of poor quality and precarious work and the role of "social causes" in morbidity and mortality

2. Organisational justice and social justice

Understanding the dynamics of workplace justice climate and the growing problem of justice violations; an overview of the dynamics of organisational justice; what types of outcomes can we consider in assessing justice climate; the current justice climate in our workplaces; organisational injustice and justice violations as health issues; where to start solving the problem of mental injury caused by workplace injustice

To view the reports click below:

Organisational Justice and social justice

Psychological health in the 'GIG' economy/Precarious Work

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Employability Partners

Posted By Heather Ette, 28 March 2018

Rathbone join the IEP as Corporate Affiliate Partners

Rathbone Training, a British youth charity that transforms the lives of young people through learning, has joined the IEP as Corporate Affiliate Partners.

With centres in England, Scotland, and Wales, Rathbone reach over 5,000 people each year and are a holder of the Bronze Fair Train National Quality Standard for work experience and the Matrix Standard for Information, Advice and Guidance.

As a division of NCG, one of the UK's largest national training and colleges groups, Rathbone support NCG's purpose of Unlocking Potential Through Learning, working with government, employers and partners to help thousands of people start or develop a career. Their programmes offer opportunities to improve Math's and English whilst gaining qualifications and valuable work experience and also apprenticeships in a range of employment sectors. They also run specialist provision for young people aged 14+ who are partially or fully excluded from school and a number of street level outreach projects to engage young people who are not in education, employment or training, encouraging them to invest in themselves and their local communities.

Elaine Smith, Head of Customer Experience at Rathbone said "We are thrilled to become Corporate Affiliate Members of the IEP. As a charity that works with some of the most disengaged young people in the UK we understand the importance of working with partners who are equally committed to bringing about real social change and supporting individuals through innovative training and employability support. We believe the IEP are key in bringing about this change."

IEP Chairman Scott Parkin FIEP said "We are delighted to have Rathbone Training on board as Partners. Their ethos that 'every young person should have the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential' is very much in tune with our beliefs and the beliefs of our membership who work to support a range of young people from all walks of life. We are looking forward to an interesting and beneficial partnership".

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Employability Partners

Posted By Heather Ette, 21 March 2018

Employing people with Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity create strengths that can benefit workplaces and communities. Genius Within CIC is a social enterprise established in 2011 to help people with neurodiversity to fulfil their potential in employment and their careers.  They are working towards a future where all adults with neurodiversity will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths; where those with problems at work or in custody receive the diagnosis, coaching and support that they need.

The award-winning BBC2 series, Employable Me and now Employable Me 2 has featured Genius Within’s work with disabled jobseekers as the prove that disability should not be a barrier to employment. You can find out more here.

Genius Within have prepared a series of 10 Things Guides for the IEP to assist employability professionals in supporting people with neurodiversity into work.  The first, 10 Things to supporting people with Aspergers into work is below and the remainder will follow in the coming weeks.

For more information about Genius Within click here 

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Employability Partners

Posted By Heather Ette, 16 March 2018

IEP welcome Intraining as its latest Corporate Affiliate Partners

Intraining, one of the UK’s largest, most successful and innovative training, skills and employment providers have joined the IEP as Corporate Affiliate Partners.

As a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation, Intraining has worked with more than 25,000 employers across the UK over the past 5 years. They work closely with all industries and sectors, ranging from small businesses to large national organisations and to date have developed and trained over 30,000 apprentices, helping them succeed in their chosen career.

Part of the Newcastle College Group (NCG), Intraining create better futures for individuals, families, businesses and communities. More importantly their mission is to develop people through learning and achievement for the benefit of themselves, society and the economy.

Elaine Smith, Head of Customer Experience at Intraining said “We are delighted to become Corporate Affiliate Partners of the IEP as we see great potential in linking with other like-minded organisations. As Intraining celebrates its 10 years anniversary of delivery, we are committed to continuing to work closely with a range of partners and to driving positive change in the sector.  We see the IEP as central to this and are excited to be working alongside its members.

“Each year we help thousands of people to gain sustainable, meaningful employment through direct delivery from our own operations and via a network of high quality sub-contractors and specialist providers.

“We want to make a positive difference to any business or individual we work with, and make sure we work as a partnership in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.”

IEP Chairman Scott Parkin FIEP said “On behalf of the IEP I am delighted to welcome Intraining as new partners.  As a company Intraining employ over 500 members of staff working across a national network of centres in England, Scotland and Wales. They work with a diverse mix of people, ranging from school leavers just starting out on an Apprenticeship, people in full time employment and the long-term unemployed.  They have a wealth of experience in the profession and there are many benefits that can be derived for our members and the employability sector as a whole from collaborative working”.



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Employability Partners

Posted By Heather Ette, 27 February 2018

IEP Welcome Peninsula Training, Development and Consultancy as latest Corporate Affiliate Partners

The IEP are pleased to announce that IAG specialists, Peninsula TDC, have joined the ranks of the Institution’s ever increasing number of Corporate Affiliate Partners.

Established 15 years ago by Company Directors John and Karen Walker, Peninsula TDC offer information, advice and guidance to young people and adults around careers and other employability issues.  The components of Peninsula’s training, development and consultancy offering is focused on supporting people who are supporting others, offering qualifications and training across youth work, careers information advice and guidance, advocacy work, family support and management development that takes place within organisations.

Peninsula TDC have a strong background in careers guidance focused on helping people and supporting them into work. They have considerable experience of community based work such as early help, family intervention and family support work and in providing advice and guidance to local authorities and housing associations specifically around offering advice to tenants to help move them into work.

On their Training and Development side they have contracts all over the UK, working with housing associations and local authorities.  Much of the work they do is around IAG and other qualifications and training and helping people recognise and gain access to other support they may need in order to gain employment.  They also offer consultancy and deliver services such as employability coaching and careers advice and guidance directly to clients including schools and colleges, adults and to potentially NEET people.

Peninsula TDC Director, John Walker said “We can see there is a significant advantage to connect with others in the employability profession.  We are already working with a number of organisations who you wouldn’t directly expect to be involved or interested in employability. What we continue to see now is a Government keen on engaging with everybody that has a potential to help get people back into work using trained and qualified staff who have experience of doing this in a sustainable way. 

“Our early help work with Bristol City Council is where we see that the most. For example, Family Support Workers would have helped get children back in to school or help with debt and mental health issues but the underlying outcome is to aid them back into the world of work.  That has been a central theme in the past 4-5 years. People we would not have thought of working with before as we didn’t see the connection are now becoming key contacts.  By joining the IEP as a Corporate Affiliate Partner we are looking at widening those connections further and establishing ourselves as a leading provider in the IAG sector.”

IEP Chairman Scott Parkin FIEP said “We are delighted to welcome Peninsula TDC as our new Corporate Affiliate Partner.  They have extensive experience in the sector in all aspects of careers, information, advice and guidance and in training and development.  The IEP have much to benefit from Peninsula’s knowledge of working with a range of organisations, many of which are operating in the wider boundaries of employability services.  We look forward to an interesting and fruitful partnership”.


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Work in Progress 2018

Posted By Heather Ette, 21 February 2018

The Draft Programme for Work in Progress 2018 is here!

This year’s conference features keynote addresses from BBC financial journalist Paul Lewis, and the renowned social commentator and Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, as well as many other conference highlights such as Mini Masterclasses: innovative, bite sized training workshops delivered by leading sector figures, and the first ever 'Oxford Union' styled head-to-head debate.

The IEP has secured a special discount rate of just £89.00 plus VAT for members to attend the conference which is taking place in Doncaster on 25th April 2018. The offer is open to attendees coming along to the Employability Apprenticeship Trailblazer Employer Group Meeting also taking place in Doncaster the day before (24th April).

To book your place, please visit and use promotional code wip89 on the checkout page to claim the special rate. Carley Consult, the conference organisers, are on hand to advise on local accommodation should you need it.

Click here to see the draft programme

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